- voluntary association of school bus companies

- over 250 operators, 60 school boards, and 40 industry suppliers are members

- members operate 12,200 school purpose vehicles

- 70% representation of provincial school bus industry

- member fleets vary from 1 bus to 4,700 buses

- industry transports 816,000 clients daily

- volunteer Board of Directors elected every July

- under the Board, standing committees are active in

- Safety and Legislation, Viability, Communications

- Education, Member Services, and more

- Executive Director and staff operate from Etobicoke office

- convention, conferences and workshops held every year

- regular communications include

- OSBA News, Busing in Brief, FastFax,

- School Bus Ontario, Annual Report to Members

- resource centre, information conduit, forum for discussions

- represent industry to government

- promote goals of the industry to government, media, public

- encourage positive interaction with

- school boards, education officers

- suppliers of equipment and services

- other transportation sector organizations


"To advocate member viability to ensure the safest delivery of Ontario students. To manage, with our members, a proactive and safe industry dedicated to cost efficient, effective, and security-conscious student transportation. To provide members with valuable tools so they can be excellent service providers. To recognize our clients as students and our customers as school boards and the Ontario government."