The Best Things About Your School Bus


According to Transport Canada, school buses are sixteen times safer than any other transportation on the road. Vivid yellow and black, equipped with flashing lights and a stop arm, only a school bus can bring rush-hour traffic to a halt while children board or leave the bus. School bus construction is governed by rigid federal and provincial laws, right down to the contents of the first aid kit.

Most Secure

Nothing rivals a school bus for personal security of your passengers. Drivers must pass rigorous driving examinations, specific medical tests, and are screened for a criminal record. Children know the driver, their fellow passengers, the bus route, and their bus stop, because the routine is exactly the same every day.


You won't find a better use of tax dollars than the reliable yellow-and-black. The school bus remains the most cost-effective way of transporting students to and from their schools. In fact, school bus transportation costs have declined considerably despite increased ridership. When you count all the costs, including grants, no other transporter can begin to compete for value.

On any given day in Ontario, over 816,000 children are taken to school on the safest, most secure, and cost-effective means of student transportation. That's the yellow and black school bus.

The provincial government pays students transportation grants to school boards of about $575 million per year. There is no more "local" share.

Let's not miss the bus. Insist that your local school board, trustee, and your MPP, support your commitment to this essential service with your tax dollars.