Company History

Shantz Coach Lines is a family owned business with 3 shareholders: Elmer, Robert, and Larry. After 32 years in Cambridge, the office relocated to 350 Shirley Ave. in Kitchener in August 1990, bringing the entire operation to one location.

Size of Fleet:

Currently operating 118 vehicles in the following size categories which includes 40 Special Education routes, 4 routes for K-W Rotary Centre, 1 route to E. C. Drury School for the Deaf in Milton, 1 route to Ross Mc Donald School for the Blind in Brantford, and 27 Kindergarten routes:

    Cars, vans, and mini buses 29
    Wheel chair equipped buses 24
    36 - 54 passenger buses 12
    60 - 72 passenger buses 53


Currently operating under contract for the following:

  • Waterloo County Board of Education
  • Waterloo Regional Roman Catholic Separate School Board
  • Wellington County Board of Education
  • K-W Rotary Centre

Employees of Shantz Coach Lines

    Drivers and spares 130
    Shop and Maintenance 6
    Office Staff 4
    Shareholders 3

Modern Shop:

The shop is a 13 bay service facility with modern equipment including hoists, scopes, chassis dyno and body shop.


Important Dates In The History of Shantz Coach Lines

September 1958 Elmer and his wife, Eileen Shantz, commenced business operating 1 station wagon driven by Eileen when their oldest son, Robert, started school
September 1966 Special Education transportation began in Kitchener-Waterloo area
October 1966 First 72 passenger bus placed into service after Thanksgiving weekend
Summer of 1967 2 bay garage built at residence in Cambridge
December 1968 Business incorporated into Shantz Coach Lines Limited
Spring of 1971 Acquisition of 7 Honderich buses which expands area of service to Wilmot Township (Baden, New Hamburg)
Summer of 1974 Addition built to garage in Cambridge
January 1975 Expansion into Wellington County with 10 buses transporting to Aberfoyle School
September 1975 First wheel chair buses to transport physically disabled students
September 1978 Acquisition of 6 Ken Reidy buses, increasing contracts with Wellington City Board in Guelph and Marden area
October 1978 Acquisition of 7 Wilson Thibideau buses (began operation in January 1979)
February 1980 Garage operation moved to 350 Shirley Ave. Kitchener, a newly renovated service facility
March 1980 Elmer and his sons, Larry and Robert, become equal shareholders of the business
September 1980 Started to transport students to E.C. Drury School in Milton
March 1983 Computer purchased to aid in setting up Special Education routes maintenance records, accounting functions and computerized fueling
March 1984 Acquisition of bus route from Joan Lokker
September 1984 Operating 2 routes for K-W Rotary Centre
September 1986 Started transporting students to Laurentian and Woodland Christian Schools
August 1988 Annual Kindergarten Ride Program developed as part of 30th Anniversary celebrations
August 1990 After 32 years in Cambridge, the office relocated to 350 Shirley Ave. in Kitchener which brought entire operation to one location
January 1992 Acquisition of 13 routes from Wm. Gray Bus Lines
June 1993 Elmer Shantz retires after 35 years in bussing industry, leaving the day to day operations to Robert and Larry
November 1993 Bus donated to Childrens' Safety Village to aid in training on School Bus Safety and Bus Evacuation as part of 35th anniversary celebrations